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Architecture, design, and real estate have been a passion of Brooke’s since she was a young girl.


As a child, her engineer grandfather taught her how to make scale models of rooms and furniture on grid paper (a method she still loves utilizing when working out initial design concepts). At the tender age of 14, Brooke’s overly-trusting father allowed her the opportunity to design the layout of a lake cabin retreat on a piece of land the family had purchased. After that experience, Brooke was hooked.


In her early 20’s, Brooke purchased her first fixer in the Travis Heights neighborhood in Austin, TX. Already of an investor mindset, she searched for months for the most run-down duplex she could find. She knew her best chance at home ownership in a central Austin neighborhood was to purchase a home few others could see the potential in, renovate the home, and owner-occupy an income producing property. On a shoestring budget, she renovated the duplex from top to bottom. In doing so, she learned how to lay flooring, install trim, set tile and re-design the layout of an existing structure. The process gave her the opportunity to learn every phase of a remodel project and kicked off relationships with tradespeople she continues to work with to this day.


The equity that Brooke built into that Travis Heights duplex allowed her the leverage to acquire larger and more ambitious projects. For years she moved from one personal project to the next, with each project broadening the scope of her renovation knowledge and refining her design acumen.

Along the way Brooke founded a vacation rental management company and grew it to manage over 50 homes in the Austin area. When the business was acquired by an international management company, Brooke turned her attention to full time real estate and design/build projects, bringing her personal passion into primary focus.


Today Brooke has multiple renovation projects underway at all times. She continues to hunt around her favorite neighborhoods for distressed homes, and lovingly renovates them for resale. She is deeply committed to bringing new life to older homes, while maintaining the character of iconic Austin neighborhoods. Brooke’s primary focus are her investment projects, but she does take on client projects when the schedule allows.

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